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If you enjoyed meeting the Hinton Family in A Heart Made For Love, you won’t want to miss A Man With A Pure Heart! Samuel Hinton’s story comes to life on May 3rd, 2017.

Samuel Hinton learned at the tender age of fifteen just how violent some men could be. But now, in 1910, as he investigates the murder of a schoolteacher, even he is shocked by the brutality.

Kathleen Campbell travels to rural Florida to seek justice for her sister’s death. What she finds is an instant and unexpected attraction to the handsome Investigator who swears he will find the killer.

As another murder fills Samuel with a sense of urgency, he struggles with the depth of his feelings for Kathleen, the conflict of knowing he intends to kill the man he seeks, and how that killing will clash with his own Christian beliefs.

How fine is the line between justice and revenge? After all, when the one you love is in danger, is there really a difference between right and wrong?

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