Daily Archives: March 29, 2016

Excitement In The Air

I want to share some of the excitement that I’m feeling with all my friends. I am waiting on the final galley of a “Heart Made For Love” to come in. My wonderful, patient, Editor advised she would get it to me as soon as possible. Once I have signed off on the last checking of the manuscript, it will be submitted for a release date.

But in the meantime, I have received my beautiful book cover from the great Debbie Taylor.


This cover is such a perfect match that I can look at this photo and actually hear Edward speak to Mae!

“I will be leaving Wednesday, Mae.” Edward felt the shudder pass through her. “But the important thing to remember is, I will be back. I had not given a lot of consideration to where I would begin my practice once my commitment was filled, but now I know. I will be coming home. The question is…what will I be coming home to?”

Yes, I can just hear Edward! And I can’t wait until you all have the chance to read about their love!

Stay tuned…it’s coming soon!