Writing & Self Medication

We, as a nation, have become so at ease with the technology of communication devices that I don’t think many of us would survive if we had to return to the day of, say Shakespeare.


Remember the scene from Shakespeare In Love, when Shakespeare was frantically putting pen to paper, trying to get all his thoughts down before they eluded him? And his fingers were so ink stained that they looked just a little gross? Could you write a book with nothing but a quill and ink? The dedication of our historical writers puts me to shame. I whine when I lose power and don’t have access to my computer!

And remember the scene when they all went to the inn for a pint after working so hard? Okay that is a little more relatable. Almost daily I see references of drinking and writing and I can understand that, since writing is such a stressful, often painful thing.

First, you are pouring out your inner most thoughts for the world to judge. Then there is that painful period where you search (and pray) for a publisher who loves your “baby” as much as you do. Then, when you have found that wonderful, intelligent publisher, they want you to slice and dice your baby to make it more marketable.

No wonder so many writers turn to drink, or food, or whatever it is that soothes the individual’s nerves.


It would be wonderful if we all turned to exercise, but even Hemingway said “An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools.”

Whatever it is that soothes your jangled nerves after hours spent “bleeding” words from your soul, take it in moderation. Now, if you would pardon me, while I go rummage through the kitchen for anything chocolate to soothe my jangled nerves.



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